​​​Excelsior Bakery: As popular now as it was during the British Raj

Excelsior Bakery has the distinction of being the first

Indian bakery to introduce typical British bakery

products in Bangalore.  

A family run business, Sagadev, who barely finished

his schooling, joined Honour's Bakery, run by an

Englishman in Bangalore. Impressed with Sagadev the

Englishman taught him everything he needed to know

to run a bakery and also helped him set up one. The

Englishman gave Sagadev a certificate of honesty

before he left the country.

Sagadev, with the help of Mrs Emery, started his own bakery (behind Cantonment Railway Station), called Bangalore Bakery, in 1927. This bakery, however, closed down in 1929.

Sagadev,undaunted, then started another bakery on Quadrant Road in 1930,which was called Excelsior bakery. Named by Mrs Emery, the word “excelsior” has nine letters which is equal to the sum of the door number 36,Quadrant road. She believed this would prove lucky. And the bakery has never run out of luck since then.

Run now by his grandchildren and great grandson, the bakery offers honest products at honest prices.  Customers from all over Bangalore come back every year, year after year, to buy Excelsior’s famous plum cake and wine for Christmas.  Old Bangaloreans recollect their visits with their parents to buy coconut burfis. Today the bakery offers over 500 designs in birthday and occasion cakes.  Its milk bread remains a unique product.  Every year, Excelsior makes a 7 ft long, 75 kg cake for St. Marys feast,  St. Mary’s Basilica Church. Shivajinagar, Bangalore. 

Our vision is to make each and every customer of ours truly happy,by exhibiting our design,quality and hygiene mastered over 85 years. Come place your order today!